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About Us - OLD

They say great style never goes out of fashion, but head out onto
the streets these days, and I’d say there are a few people out
there who never got the memo…
Some looks — they certainly have a sell-by-date.
Sadly, we’re not all blessed with a personal stylist who can
tell us what’s hot; and what is most definitely not.
As many among us continue to wander blindly, sporting the
same threads we’ve had on since some-forgotten-century,
year ’99. 
Don’t get me wrong; there’s always space for retro-wears
in anyone’s forgotten closet — just be sure you’re the right
side of retro when stepping into the urban war-zone of a city street.
While we’ve all had our struggles with getting fashion ‘right,’ there
needn’t be a struggle anymore.
Merely place your trust in the urban-stylists you’ll find right
here, and let us be your guiding light in putting together
outfits of genuine quality; with the kind of looks some might
still argue ‘will never go out of style.’
We reserve no judgment; wear our products for many years to
come. Their quality will not waver, and we have total faith in
the enduring relevance of all the selections we stock; we
believe they will be as sought-after in years to
come as they are today.
But we also like to play.
We take style to new levels, bringing fresh looks to our
digital shelves on a near-daily basis.
We offer quick delivery to keep our loyal followers
effortlessly on-trend as we know those living the ‘City Life’
have minimal time to waste.

Let us be your Urban Stylist — trust, we will never let you put a foot wrong.